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Nam Soo-Ryun and Hyun Gong-Hwi stood facing each other amidst the reeds near the river bank, the tension in the air stifling even the wind.

After a brief moment appraising his opponent, Hyun Gong-Hwi broke the silence. “Seven Young Skies,” he began, his tone carrying a hint of disdain, “I’ve always found that title distasteful. It lumps us together as if we’re of the same caliber, which clearly isn’t the case.”

“I’ve never given it much thought until now, but being grouped with someone like Mister Hyun feels rather unpleasant,” Nam Soo-Ryun replied coldly.

A wry smile tugged at Hyun Gong-Hwi’s lips. “Well, at least we’re in agreement on something… mutual dislike.”

As soon as Hyun Gong-Hwi finished his sentence, an untamed killing intent erupted naturally from his being.

For the first time, Nam Soo-Ryun’s eyes flickered with unease. It was only now that the fact that her adversary was one of the esteemed Seven Young Skies, known to be the best of the Orthodox Faction’s young martial artists, really hit her. The skill he possessed was no small matter.

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Hyun Gong-Hwi’s malevolent aura swelled, its intensity mounting with each passing moment. This was due to the Southern Light Divine Art (南明神功), which had the uncanny ability to amplify one’s murderous intent and exert immense pressure on opponents.

Nam Soo-Ryun found herself tightening her grip on her blade as she prepared her own martial art, the Sword of the Thousand-Armed Buddha (千手如來劍). A legacy of the Mount Mu Sect, this mystical technique was imbued with the essence of exorcism and was only passed down to each Sect Leader and their chosen successor.

Immediately, pure qi surged through Nam Soo-Ryun, transforming her aura. If she had exuded an air of serenity before, it was now replaced by an icy demeanor, her presence as sharp and unyielding as the edge of a finely honed blade.

So, she’s not all bark, after all. Hyun Gong-Hwi’s heart quickened with anticipation, a sensation long forgotten but now stirring within him.


With a swift motion, Nam Soo-Ryun drew her sword, emitting a wave of qi that prickled Hyun Gong-Hwi’s skin.

Unfazed, he too confidently drew his serrated tooth sword, a smirk playing across his lips.

For a while, they stood still, locked in a silent unspoken exchange. A myriad of intentions passed between them, conveyed through subtle gestures, the rhythm of their breathing, and the tension in their muscles. welcomes you.

Then, as if bound by an unspoken pact, they moved as one.

Nam Soo-Ryun unleashed the Celestial Web (天羅纖網), the cornerstone of the Sword of the Thousand-Armed Buddha, with fluid precision.


Her blade hurtled towards Hyun Gong-Hwi’s brow like a streaking meteor. Yet, before it could find its mark, Hyun Gong-Hwi vanished, his form a mere blur, only to reappear behind Nam Soo-Ryun.

It was Hyun Gong-Hwi’s self-taught movement art technique, the Ground Steps, which rivaled the famous Steps of the Immovable Wisdom King (不動明王步) of Shaolin fame.

With the grace of a bowstring, Nam Soo-Ryun’s body bent backward, her blade drawing a deadly arc in its wake.


The clash of steel reverberated through the air, sparks cascading like fireworks as the two martial artists’ blades met in a thunderous collision. In that single exchange, they gauged each other’s prowess, each acknowledging the other’s formidable skill.

“Hahaha! Splendid!” Hyun Gong-Hwi burst into laughter even as his serrated tooth sword bore down upon Nam Soo-Ryun in a flurry of strikes akin to a wolf’s assault.

Undaunted, she met every blow with unbroken composure. The fluidity of her movements, accentuated by the flutter of her robes, resembled that of a divine fairy of unsurpassed elegance.

Kwan San-Cheol of the Monochrome Twins watched the match with a slight frown. “Even though she’s a member of the Seven Young Skies, I didn’t think she’d be this impressive. We’ve underestimated her.”

Though he was proud of his martial arts skills, he acknowledged his own inferiority to Hyun Gong-Hwi. The man was an apex predator, a perfect blend of primal instinct and sheer brute force.

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Yet, Nam Soo-Ryun did not even flinch in the face of such a terrifying creature.

“Damn it!” Kwan San-Woong cursed under his breath, fists clenched in frustration. His humiliation mirrored that of his twin brother.

The showdown between Nam Soo-Ryun and Hyun Gong-Hwi surged toward its zenith. A tempest of blades rent the air, sending severed reeds swirling like a wintry deluge.

Nam Soo-Ryun’s sheer ferocity surprised Hyun Gong-Hwi. Her swordplay was relentless, each slash and thrust weaving together in a dazzling but deadly dance. She was the real deal, a foe to be reckoned with. The instant he showed any sign of weakness, she would aim for a lethal strike like a snake waiting to pounce.

In recognition of her prowess, he drew a crescent moon blade in addition to his serrated tooth sword. The thrill of battle coursed through him, a primal excitement that could only be found in the heat of battle. In that moment, all niceties and conventions vanished, leaving only the stark reality of kill or be killed.

Hyun Gong-Hwi relished the simplicity of it all.

“Kahaha!” His laughter echoed as he charged at Nam Soo-Ryun.


Nam Soo-ryun met his onslaught with equal force. Her hands moved with supernatural precision, deflecting and parrying each of Hyun Gong-Hwi’s blows with ease.

However, she knew that this was just the calm before the storm. The outcome of the next clash would be the deciding factor between victory and defeat, life and death.


Suddenly, Hyun Gong-Hwi inhaled deeply, causing his qi to explode forth. Having predicted this moment, Nam Soo-Ryun channeled her energy to its fullest.

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A crimson fog surrounded her blade as she prepared to unleash the ultimate technique of the Sword of the Thousand-Armed Buddha—the Thousand Swords Meteor Shower.


In one swift movement, Hyun Gong-Hwi raised his hands, telekinetically unsheathing all of his countless weapons and levitating them around him. Then, with a gesture, the weapons hurtled toward Nam Soo-Ryun; it was the Hundred Weapons Riot technique of the Southern Light Divine Art.


The brilliant clash of martial techniques rent the air, momentarily blinding the onlookers. Nevertheless, masters of the inner arts like Jwa Moon-Ho and the Monochrome Twins swiftly regained their sight.

“Is it a stalemate?” Jwa Moon-Ho murmured in disbelief.

Both Hyun Gong-Hwi and Nam Soo-Ryun were heavily injured. Hyun Gong-Hwi sported a gaping wound in his side, while Nam Soo-Ryun’s shoulder was dyed red with blood.

Still, their gazes remained locked, fiery determination burning in their eyes as neither thought of backing down.

Jwa Moon-Ho furrowed his brows. With her strength, she’ll definitely be chosen as a leading member of the Demon Hunters. That’s no good. The survival of the Azure Dragon Society depends on gaining control over the Demon Hunters, and we can’t have someone like her, who is opposed to the ideals of our society, in the top ranks.

A glimmer of killing intent flickered in his eyes.

Sensing Jwa Moon-Ho’s subtle hostility, the Monochrome Twins immediately understood his intentions. After all, their interests were aligned, albeit for different reasons. Unlike Jwa Moon-Ho, who had a solid foothold within the Azure Dragon Society, Nam Soo-Ryun was a real obstacle for them, who needed to stand out among the future Demon Hunters.

In her current state, we can easily dispose of her. If we declare that she died during a duel, the Mount Mu Sect won’t be able to take action against us either. The devil’s whisper echoed in their ears, reigniting the humiliation of Nam Soo-Ryun’s rejection and dismissal.

Having made their decision, the Monochrome Twins silently advanced on Nam Soo-Ryun, who remained fixated on Hyun Gong-Hwi and was oblivious to their approach… when a maroon-clad figure stepped in their way.

The Monochrome Twins’ faces soured. “Who are you?”

“It matters not who I am, but rather what you intend,” Jin Mu-Won retorted.

For a moment, the twins were stunned by Jin Mu-Won’s blunt revelation of their shameful thoughts, but their surprise quickly turned to anger.

“Move aside, or face the consequences!” Kwan San-Woong growled threateningly.

However, Jin Mu-Won remained unperturbed, instead directing his gaze to Jwa Moon-Ho, the real decision-maker.

To his astonishment, Jwa Moon-Ho felt as if a weighty pressure was bearing down on him. Who is this guy? All I know is that he’s an acquaintance of Nam Soo-Ryun’s and that he makes me feel uneasy. Could he be someone important? How should I deal with him…huh?

While Jwa Moon-Ho was thinking, the Monochrome Twins had closed in on Jin Mu-Won.

Well, I’ll just observe how he fares against the twins before doing anything, he decided. Regardless of the unknown man’s identity, the Monochrome Twins were formidable. They would be sufficient to test the man’s mettle.

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The Twins towered over Jin Mu-Won, trying to intimidate him with their size and menacing aura, but Jin Mu-Won remained unfazed.

“I’ll start by fixing that rude way you’re looking at us!” Kwan San-Cheol bellowed, his rage fueled by Jin Mu-Won’s nonchalance. At the same time, the color of his skin darkened.

This skin darkening was the characteristic of his Cannon Body Art (擊砲眞體功), one of the top ten external arts styles. Unlike conventional external arts with their inherent vulnerabilities, Cannon Body Art offered unparalleled resilience by making his skin harder than iron and impervious to harm.

Confident in their invincibility and impending victory, the Monochrome Twins swung their pot lid-sized fists Jin Mu-Won.

“Crawl on your knees, you damn punk!”

Yet, instead of the expected feeling of their fists hitting flesh, all they saw was a brilliant flash of light.

And then there was blood.


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