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The Yangtze River, often hailed as the lifeblood of the Central Plains, coursed swiftly through the region from east to west, serving as both the sustenance and the cradle of civilization despite periodic flooding. Countless boats and ships could be seen on the river, carrying a bustling procession of goods and travelers.

However, the colossal Yunmeng Marsh Riverboat, a ferry that regularly traveled between Chengdu in Sichuan and Wuhan in Hubei Province, towered above the rest.

As Jin Mu-Won and his companions boarded the Yunmeng Marsh Riverboat, they were awed at the sheer size of the ship and the bustle of the passengers on board. It was a completely different experience compared to the small boats they had traveled on before.

In particular, Jin Mu-Won’s eyes gleamed with wonder. The ship was one thing, but never before had he encountered a river of such magnitude. If he didn’t know better, he would have assumed that this was the sea.

Noticing his dumbstruck expression, Ha Jin-Wol smirked. “Surprised?” he quipped.

“Yes,” Jin Mu-Won admitted candidly.

Ha Jin-Wol hung his head, disappointed at Jin Mu-Won’s boring reply. “You’re no fun, but I guess it’s only natural you’re surprised. The Yangtze is not merely a river, it’s the link between East and West and the barrier that divides Jiangnan and Jiangbei, fostering distinct cultures, lifestyles, and dialects. There’s even a saying that whoever controls the Yangtze rules all of the Central Plains. Heaven’s Summit’s choice of location is no accident.”

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Wuhan City, where Heaven’s Summit was located, stood as the convergence point of the Central Plains, with a cultural development that surpassed even that of Chengdu. This fostered a deep sense of pride among its residents, and also elevated Heaven’s Summit to a lofty position above other murim sects.

“In essence, Heaven’s Summit’s choice of Wuhan was strategic, driven by political motives.”


“As we venture deeper into Hubei Province along the Yangtze, the influence of Heaven’s Summit will dominate every aspect of our surroundings. Pedestrians, shopkeepers, even beggars and prostitutes could be their spies. Maintaining constant vigilance will be crucial to evade detection,” Ha Jin-Wol warned sharply, a departure from his usual nonchalance.

Jin Mu-Won nodded. He too understood the gravity of their situation. Hubei Province was akin to an enemy stronghold, where the slightest misstep could prove fatal. Henceforth, caution would be his constant companion.

Heaven’s Summit. The weight of the name bore down on Jin Mu-Won, but he brushed it aside. Worrying served no purpose right now. What mattered was maintaining composure and vigilance, ensuring that he could make a clear judgment in the face of any challenge.

Ha Jin-Wol smiled in approval. Jin Mu-Won had only wavered for a moment before pulling himself back together. This resilience was something he respected Jin Mu-Won for more than his martial prowess.


With a loud creaking noise, the ship docked at a rest stop, and as many passengers disembarked as boarded the ship. Among the influx of newcomers were three familiar faces.

Jwa Moon-Ho and the Monochrome Twins. Didn’t they get off at the last rest stop? I thought we were rid of them… Wait, that strange young man carrying a variety of different weapons seems to be following them closely. Is he their new companion? Jin Mu-Won observed.

As if sensing Jin Mu-Won’s gaze, the heavily armed young man stared back at him. For a brief moment, sparks seemed to fly between the two men, but they quickly vanished when he noticed Jwa Moon-Ho walking toward Jin Mu-Won’s group. He followed Jwa Moon-Ho, effortlessly cutting through the crowd with his imposing figure.

Jwa Moon-Ho smiled as he approached Nam Soo-Ryun and Tang Mi-Ryeo. “So, we meet again, Miss Nam.”

“I can see that, Master Jwa,” Nam Soo-Ryun replied matter-of-factly.

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Jwa Moon-Ho persisted, “This can’t be a coincidence, it must be fated.”

“Coincidences like this happen all the time,” Nam Soo-Ryun countered.

“Well…” Jwa Moon-Ho trailed off, deliberately leaving his words hanging, and turned toward Tang Mi-Ryeo, who stood beside Nam Soo-Ryun.

“I don’t think we’ve met before. I’m Jwa Moon-Ho of the Three Rings Sword Sect,” he introduced himself.

Tang Mi-Ryeo returned the greeting with a polite smile, though she felt a tinge of discomfort. In the end, she opted for the universal clasped hands greeting between fellow martial artists and said curtly, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Master Jwa. I am Tang Mi-Ryeo of the Tang Clan.”

“The Flower of Sichuan?” Jwa Moon-Ho gasped, surprised. No wonder she has such an outstanding demeanor! She is most certainly a good candidate for the Azure Dragon Society.

“My apologies for not recognizing you, Miss Tang,” he added.

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“There’s no need for that.”

“Will you give me a chance to make up for my earlier rudeness?” Jwa Moon-Ho pressed.

“You have nothing to apologize for, Master Jwa. It’s true that we’ve never met before,” Tang Mi-Ryeo rebuffed bluntly.

Her personality is just as bad as the bitch next to her. Jwa Moon-Ho’s eyes flashed with anger, but he refrained from further antagonizing the two ladies. He did not want any enmity between himself and the Mount Mu Sect or the Tang Clan, as they were both highly respected and powerful sects.

Instead, he opted to change the topic. “Are there any other Tang Clan members aboard this ship?” he asked.

“Yes, my uncle is here,” Tang Mi-Ryeo revealed.

“Your uncle?”

“Tang Gi-Mun.”

“The Poison Pavilion Master!?” Jwa Moon-Ho gasped in astonishment. The position and influence of the Tang Clan’s Poison Pavilion Master was considerable. He hadn’t expected such a formidable contingent to accompany Nam Soo-Ryun. “Where is Master Tang?”

“He’s in his cabin…but he is occupied with urgent matters. I’ll inform him of your presence when he comes out.”

“I see,” Jwa Moon-Ho acknowledged. He would have to concede his defeat for now.

The Monochrome Twins shot him bewildered looks. They couldn’t understand why Jwa Moon-Ho was backing down. What was so scary about the Tang Clan that rarely left their Sichuan sanctuary? If the Tang Clan represented a reclusive giant, the Azure Dragon Society was a rising sun, radiating power and influence. There was nothing to fear.

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Suddenly, the heavily armed young man, who had remained silent, advanced, his eyes gleaming with a primal ferocity.

A chill ran down Nam Soo-Ryun and Tang Mi-Ryeo’s spines.

Like a predator, he scanned Nam Soo-Ryun from top to bottom, then growled, “Hey. Bitch.”

“……” The unexpected hostility left everyone, including Jwa Moon-Ho and the Monochrome Twins, speechless.

Nam Soo-Ryun’s eyes flickered with agitation. “Are you talking to me?”

“Yes, you. I heard you’re part of Seven Young Skies too.”

“Mister Hyun?” Jwa Moon-Ho interjected, his voice tinged with panic, but Hyun Gong-Hwi remained undaunted.

“I’m Hyun Gong-Hwi. You’ve heard of me, right?”

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Nam Soo-Ryun nodded, recognizing the name from their shared affiliation with the Seven Young Skies.

A fierce glint lit up Hyun Gong-Hwi’s eyes. “I’ve often wondered if those labeled as Seven Young Skies truly merit standing alongside me.”

“How arrogant.”

“Because I have the strength to back it up. I’m not sure about you, though.”

“……” Anger simmered beneath Nam Soo-Ryun’s calm exterior. Hyun Gong-Hwi’s open ridicule was too much even for her. “Mister Hyun, I hope that you can maintain proper decorum when speaking to me.”

“I reserve manners only for those who deserve it. Want respect? Prove it.”

“Mister Hyun!”

“You chicken?”

Before Nam Soo-Ryun could retort, a voice interjected, “Of course not!”

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Hyun Gong-Hwi turned toward the speaker, eyebrows furrowing at the unexpected interruption. Standing there, with an even more aggressive stance, was Myeong Ryu-San. Although his face was covered in bruises, his eyes burned with defiance as he met Hyun Gong-Hwi’s gaze.

“Who the fuck are you?” Hyun Gong-Hwi asked.

“And who the fuck are you?”

Myeong Ryu-San’s tone sounded a little hesitant, but it still caught Hyun Gong-Hwi off guard. Few had dared to address him so casually since he’d earned the nickname “Fighting Maniac”. He scrutinized Myeong Ryu-San, noting his sloppy posture and lackluster martial prowess. Hmph, he’s just another third rate thug.

Myeong Ryu-San grit his teeth, enduring Hyun Gong-Hwi’s intense gaze. Although Hyun Gong-Hwi’s murderous intent frightened him, he could not back down. Not with Nam Soo-Ryun looking at him.

As a man, I can’t embarrass myself in front of a lady! Besides, this guy is nothing compared to that violent Jin Mu-Won and crazy poisoner Tang Gi-Mun!

“Hey, answer me. Who the fuck are you to glare threateningly at people and throw a tantrum, huh?” Myeong Ryu-San boldly asked.

“Throw a tantrum? Me?”

“That’s right!”


In the blink of an eye, Hyun Gong-Hwi struck, sending Myeong Ryu-San reeling.

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“Master Myeong!” Nam Soo-Ryun cried, but no one answered her as Myeong Ryu-San slumped against the ferry railing, unconscious.

Nam Soo-Ryun’s face flushed red with anger. “Mister Hyun, resorting to lethal force against someone weaker is reprehensible.”

“Hmph, I was just teaching the ignorant fool a lesson.”

“Then perhaps I’ll teach Mister Hyun a lesson too.”

“Oh? Great. Follow me.” Hyun Gong-Hwi smirked in satisfaction. This was the response he sought.

With a great leap, he landed on the riverbank and disappeared into the forest with Nam Soo-Ryun hot on his heels.

“Tsk! Well, they did say he was uncontrollable.” Jwa Moon-Ho clicked his tongue, the scene unfolding far from his expectations. Still, leaving Hyun Gong-Hwi unchecked wasn’t an option. He had to clean up this mess and take the battle maniac to Heaven’s Summit no matter what.

With the Monochrome Twins in tow, he trailed after Hyun Gong-Hwi.

As they departed, Jin Mu-Won approached the fallen Myeong Ryu-San. Tang Mi-Ryeo had already assessed his condition: the young man was battered but still breathing. welcomes you.

“What a great fool. Sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong is just asking for trouble,” Ha Jin-Wol snorted. However, despite his harsh criticism of Myeong Ryu-San, the contempt and anger on his face betrayed his true feelings about Hyun Gong-Hwi’s senseless brutality. “But… this guy is tough enough to withstand it,” he added, turning to Jin Mu-Won.

“That’s good.”

“By the way, are you just going to stand there? Those bastards won’t leave you alone after this.”

“I know. I’m going after them now.” With a slight smile, Jin Mu-Won exited the Yunmeng Marsh Riverboat, a faint glimmer of fury burning in his eyes.

Tang Mi-Ryeo watched him depart, her expression fraught with concern.

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