Novel Author: Cheongsiso 청시소

Associated Names: 시한부 천재가 살아남는 법, A Terminally Ill Prodigy’s Guide to Survival


Not long after Jeong Yeonsin was born, an elf physician examined him.

“I’m sorry, but he won’t live past twenty,” the elf said. “Never in my life have I seen someone with such a dilated Baihui Acupoint. It’s like there’s a large hole in his head. We call this disease ‘Sudden Celestial Ascension’.”

“Celestial Ascension? Isn’t that when a highly skilled Taoist ascends to the heavens?” Jeong Yeonsin’s father asked.

“Celestial Ascension is just a myth. When a martial master absorbs too much of nature’s energy, the pressure build-up will cause their bodies to explode, sending them across the river to the afterlife.”


Jeong Yeonsin was born with a terminal illness that also makes him a martial arts prodigy. Can he carve out a path to survival?


“If that child had been born in the Demonic Cult, he would have become the Heavenly Demon. If he had been raised in Shaolin, he would have doubled the Seventy-Two Core Arts. Unfortunately, he was born here, in this remote place, as a hated child. He’ll die young with no way to change his fate. Unless… he awakens to his true potential on his own…”


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