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“Elder, what brings you here at the crack of dawn?” I asked, surprised to find Elder Gong up and about before me. Judging by the pleasant scent emanating from his body, he had already taken a morning bath. What an early bird…

“I spent all of last night in contemplation.” Elder Gong sat upright and stared at me with an imposing gaze, enhanced by his impeccable white martial arts outfit and neatly slicked back hair.

I squirmed and asked nervously, “What were you thinking about?”

“Your kindness and dedication to your craft, Mr. Baek. At first, I only came here to tease you for my own amusement. After all, a frail old man like me learning martial arts with youngsters who could be my grandchildren is a ridiculous notion. Yet you took my joke seriously, even to the point of endangering your own well-being.”

“My well-being…?” What the hell is he talking about? Wait, his choice of words… he can’t be thinking about…

Before I could inquire further, Elder Gong shot me a determined look and declared, “I deeply apologize for mocking your sincerity. From now on, I will dedicate myself to learning and earnestly follow your guidance!

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“…Ah, yes. Thank you.” I was at a loss for words in front of Elder Gong’s determined gaze.

“Since it would be rude of me not to reveal my name to my teacher, allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Gongson Su, and I would like to apply for one month’s tuition from you.”


“Please accept me, Master.” Gongson Su stood, ready to bow.

I hastily stopped him. “No, seriously, why are you being like this? Elder!”

“Since you are my master, please use casual speech with me…”

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“You’re not making any sense!” Speaking casually would be rude to a sixty-five-year-old man. If other people found out about this, Gongson Su risked being ridiculed by his peers.

“I feel uncomfortable if I don’t show proper respect to a senior. How about we both stick to what we’re comfortable with? Also, you over there, why aren’t you stopping him?!” I offered Elder Gong a compromise as I glanced at Shadow, who was standing in a dark corner and pretending to be invisible.

“I will respect both your wishes,” Shadow said meekly and politely, in stark contrast to the person who had exuded murderous intent just the day before.

“…I think I’m losing my mind. Are you all right in the head?” I shook my head and turned back to Gongson Su. “Just because I’m teaching you martial arts doesn’t mean I should disrespect an elder. Are you comfortable talking like we did before?”

“Are you certain about that?” Gongson Su smirked, as if he had already anticipated this result.

This crafty old geezer… I rolled my eyes at him.

“Hoho, I simply wanted to demonstrate my commitment. You have free rein to boss me around for a month.”

“Uh huh…” I said hesitantly, but I understood why Gongson Su was being overly deferential. After all, I had removed decades of impurities from his body. It was only natural that he felt indebted to me.

However, it was also thanks to his impure energy that my mastery of the Heaven Defying Divine Art was now at the four star level. Well, he doesn’t need to know that I also benefited greatly from helping him, and throwing away a favor by saying that it was actually a fair trade is pure stupidity.

“It’s time for the morning workout. Shall we head to the training yard?”

“Yes, Master!” Gongson Su replied enthusiastically as if announcing his victory. welcomes you.

Seriously, this geezer…!

“Start by going through the qigong exercises that you showed me yesterday.”


“HOHOHO! My body feels as light as a feather!” Gongson Su laughed as he did the exercises twice as fast as before.

Concerned, I cautioned, “Elder! Please slow down, you’ll hurt your back…”


Unfortunately, I was too late. As an ominous sound rang out across the manor, Gongson Su collapsed.


“E-Elder!” Shadow shouted, rushing to Gongson Su’s side.

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“I told you to slow down…” I mumbled, also stepping forward to check Gongson Su’s condition. Fortunately, he had only pulled a muscle.

“Haa…” I sighed, doing a facepalm. It seemed like we still had a long way to go.


“Elder, please listen carefully: you were very lucky today. If you try pushing yourself without guidance again, you could get seriously injured.”

Gongson Su nodded solemnly, “My apologies…”

“……” For a moment, I considered scolding him further, but eventually I figured the pain was punishment enough for him to learn his lesson.

We moved indoors, and I summoned Wiji Cheon over as well. Since Gongson Su needed to rest, I might as well use the opportunity to brief the two about the Azure Dragon Academy entrance exam.

By the way, Hyonwon Kang wanted to rest too, but I sent him outside to train alone since he was already a student at the academy.

“Could you bring me my writing instruments and some paper, Shadow?”

“As you’re injured, please allow me to write the notes on your behalf…”

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“Don’t bother taking written notes. We’re not discussing the Imperial Examination1 here,” I groaned, pressing a finger to my throbbing temple. “In any case, the entrance exam is made up of a written test and a practical skills assessment.”

“I’m very confident in written exams. I’ll breeze through it!”

“The written portion holds less weight. It’s just to check that you’re literate and have common sense. No need to stress over it.”

“What? Are the examiners a bunch of ignorant fools?! To accomplish great things, one must be a master of both the brush and the sword. How can they place less importance on the written exam? One day, I’ll question the Azure Dragon Academy Principal…”

“Interrupt me again, and I really will dismiss you. Understood?” I shot Gongson Su a stern look like a teacher warning their mischievous student.

“I’m sorry.” Gongson Su shrunk back like an intimidated child.

Just what was up with this geezer? One moment he’s stately and imposing, and the next he’s playing along with me…

I continued my explanation, “The practical test is divided into four parts: physical fitness, external arts, inner arts, and a duel. If you flunk any of the first three sections, you will automatically fail, and you won’t be allowed to participate in the duel. Any questions so far?”

Wiji Cheon raised his hand like a diligent student. “Who are we dueling against?”

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“You’ll be paired with a senior from the Student Council, decided by lottery on the day itself,” I replied.

…Although I pity the Student Council member who has to fight Wiji Cheon. He’s a guy who can go toe-to-toe with Hyonwon Kang, one of the strongest third year students, despite suffering lingering side effects after recovering from qi deviation. With time, he will only grow stronger.

Gongson Su hesitated for a moment, then raised his hand and asked, “May I inquire about the duels? Must I defeat a senior to pass?”

“No, that would be too challenging for a freshman. What you need to do during the duel is make a strong impression on the examiners.”

“And how should I go about doing that?”

“You need to showcase your martial arts competency, fighting sense, desire to win, and talent.”


They pondered my words. There was no need to win, but the truth was, beating a senior in the practical exam essentially guaranteed a pass. After all, the Student Council was made up some of the most excellent students in the academy.

“We can discuss the specifics later. Shall we resume training?”


“I understand.”

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I taught the two trainees for an hour, and then it was time for me to go to work at the Azure Dragon Academy.

I waved Wiji Cheon over and whispered into his ear, “Help me watch the old man. You’re fellow trainees taking the entrance exam together, after all.”

“I’ll keep an eye on him, don’t worry!” Wiji Cheon whispered back.

Gongson Su pouted. “I can hear everything, you know. I’m not a child who needs to be taken care of…”

“Elder, please train the way I taught you. Don’t overexert yourself, or you may become permanently disabled.”

“You don’t need to nag… but I suppose I deserve it after what I did earlier. Ahem! Regardless, I wish you a pleasant day at work.”

Dragging my feet, I reluctantly left for the Azure Dragon Academy, my heart filled with worry.


“You’ve started tutoring?” Mae Geuk-Lyom frowned as we patrolled the school premises together. There were no breaks for the Student Welfare Department even during vacation. Rather, because most other teachers had let their guard down, now was the best time for students to drink, smoke, and engage in illicit relationships without getting caught.

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“I won’t stop you, but don’t let it affect your work at the academy. That would be placing the cart before the horse.”

“Yes, I’ll make sure it doesn’t happen…”


Mae Geuk-Lyom drew his sword and thrust it in front of him. To my relief, it wasn’t pointed at me, but at two students engaging in an intimate act behind the cafeteria.

“S-Save me…”

“Teacher, please…”

The couple hugged each other tightly in terror, their messy clothes indicating that they had been in the middle of undressing. For some reason I could not fathom, they had decided to make love outdoors with only a rudimentary illusion formation to protect them.

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Well, unfortunately for them, Mae Geuk-Lyom had sensed their presence and destroyed the formation with one strike.


“Don’t be scared, I’m not going to kill you,” he said, smiling.


Several minutes later, I emerged from the dorms after carrying two unconscious kids back to their bedrooms.

Mae Geuk-Lyom, who was cleaning his sword, asked, “Where were we just now?”

“…I absolutely won’t let tutoring compromise my teaching responsibilities.”


We resumed our patrol, disciplining all rule-breakers we found along the way. Those caught smoking had to finish smoking with their pipes shoved into their noses, and those caught drinking were hung upside down on trees until they threw up everything in their stomachs.

As for those who were caught engaging in intimate acts, well, let’s just say their fate was too horrifying for me to go into detail about.

During this whole time, Mae Geuk-Lyom remained perfectly composed and unflappable. He even had the luxury to casually converse with me about my tutees.

“Sixty-five, huh? He’s around the same age as me,” Mae Geuk-Lyom exclaimed, surprised by Gongson Su’s determination.

“He’s in good shape, with a strong will.”

“If he passes the exam, he’ll be the oldest student in history.”

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“There’s also Wiji Cheon, a very talented kid. I’m confident that he’ll be the valedictorian of this year’s entrance exam.”

” Your student will be the valedictorian? What a joke.” A third voice suddenly interrupted.

“There’s only one person around here with such an annoying voice…” I grumbled, turning around.

As expected, it was Namgoong Su. What was unusual, however, was that he was followed by a group of young children.

Mae Geuk-Lyom asked, “Mr. Namgoong, who are those kids? They aren’t students of the academy.”

“They’re kids that I’ve been tutoring in preparation for this year’s entrance exam. I’m taking them on an advance tour of the school grounds,” Namgoong Su replied.

“An advance tour?”

“Yes.” Namgoong Su grinned arrogantly at me. “After all, I’m confident that this year’s valedictorian will be one of these kids.”

I glanced at the kids beaming with pride behind him. As the saying goes, like teacher, like student…

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  1. The imperial examination was a civil service examination system in Imperial China administered for the purpose of selecting state officials. It played a significant role in tempering the power of hereditary aristocracy and military authority, and contributed to the rise of a gentry class of scholar-bureaucrats. 

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