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What in the world is this? I couldn’t help but marvel at the staggering amount of qi coursing through Elder Gong’s body as I ran my Heaven Defying Divine Art through the elderly man’s meridians. The stagnant medicinal qi in his bloodstream surged in response to the technique, as if an abundance of untapped spiritual medicines had taken residence within him.

Has he been eating elixirs with every meal? Just by looking at his qi, one would think he’s a peak master!

I already had some inkling that Elder Gong was somewhat proficient in both external and internal martial arts. His gait and subtle aura were dead giveaways. But this? This was beyond my wildest imagination. No, it was downright unbelievable. I sharpened my focus and meticulously examined his physique.

He has an abundance of qi, but only a fraction of it has been cultivated through proper inner arts techniques.

Even if one consumed numerous elixirs, not all of them would naturally transform into inner qi. Only through regular training and skillful manipulation could these medicines be guided to the qi centers and converted into one’s own inner qi. However, Elder Gong’s training had been far from ideal.

Well, it’s not terrible, but it’s only slightly better than someone without martial arts training. The problem stems from the fact that not only is the amount of medicinal energy in his body overwhelming, but so is the amount of impure qi he has accumulated. The fact that they both exist at the same time feels like an enormous waste.

Suddenly, Elder Gong shuddered as my Heaven Defying Divine Art traveled within him. Shadow seemed like she wanted to stop me, but as long as I was channeling inner qi into Elder Gong’s body, her intervention would only place Elder Gong in more danger.

Worried, she shot me a resentful glare, shuffled her feet and mumbled worriedly, “Old Man…”

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I brushed her off. I needed to concentrate here.

Wait, something doesn’t add up.

A typical martial artist would expel some impurities while practicing external arts, but the amount in Elder Gong’s body was over tenfold that of an ordinary person. This was far from normal.

His condition isn’t as bad as my Heavenly Yin Blocked Meridians, but… isn’t he still relatively active? How is this possible?

Poor dietary habits, excessive drinking and smoking, environmental factors, and psychological stress all contributed to the accumulation of impurities in the body. The more impurities accumulated, the weaker one’s health would become. Elder Gong’s body contained significantly higher levels of impurities than other individuals of his age. However, he was surprisingly healthy.

…Could it be? Is the medicinal qi in his body suppressing the impurities?

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A second examination of Elder Gong’s body confirmed this. The impurities, akin to a corrosive poison, had been kept in check by the accumulated medicinal qi from elixirs, creating a delicate equilibrium. Thanks to this, Elder Gong had not only stayed healthy but had managed to stay alive.

Just who in the world is this man?

With that question lingering in my thoughts, I cautiously withdrew my qi and removed my hand from Elder Gong’s back. I didn’t believe his stamina would hold up for much longer. “You can open your eyes now,” I said.

“Hoo…” Elder Gong slowly opened his eyes, sweat forming on his brow. He then smiled meaningfully and asked, “What do you think now that you’ve examined me more closely?”

This damn old man knew everything all along but deliberately kept me in the dark. He was testing me! In that case, I can’t hold back.

“Now I understand why you offered me ten thousand silver without hesitation. Compared to what’s inside you, that isn’t much, is it? Anyway, it’s a miracle you’re still alive. Did the Divine Physician help you stabilize your condition?”

”!!” Elder Gong’s eyes widened, and he burst into laughter. Even though I was jesting about his life, he didn’t appear to be in a bad mood at all. “You figured it out already? Even the most renowned masters couldn’t diagnose my condition in one try!”

“That’s because I’m not just any ordinary master.”

“Of course not. I’m starting to trust you more and more,” Elder Gong retorted, smirking at my unabashed response.

Shadow, standing by, clicked her tongue in distaste.

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Elder Gong leaned in and whispered, “So, apart from what you’ve disclosed, what else have you discovered? How talented am I in martial arts?”

Under his expectant gaze, I responded with a grave, serious countenance. “You’re neither a genius nor a dunce. I’d say you’re average.”

Elder Gong’s expression soured. “Can’t you just compliment someone for once?”

“What if I did, and it went to your head?”

“Tsk, youngsters these days…”

“Okay, enough with the banter. Let’s get serious.” I straightened my posture and locked eyes with Elder Gong. welcomes you.

The smile faded from his face. “…Go ahead.”

“When my inner qi coursed through your body earlier, did you experience any discomfort? Do you feel any pain when you exercise and where is that pain? What medicines do you usually take? Give me all the details, so I can structure our training accordingly.”

“Alright…” Elder Gong provided a comprehensive account of his physical condition. After he finished, he chuckled bitterly, “I used to be quite robust in my youth. Over the decades, my health has gradually deteriorated.”

“Well, at least you haven’t had any major health crises.”

“The physician said it was just age-related fatigue. Nothing to do but rest. At any rate, I’m lucky to be able to go back to my hometown to recuperate, right?” Elder Gong laughed hollowly. “So, Mr. Baek, what’s the next step?”

“As you’re aware, your body harbors a considerable amount of impurities.”

“I know, but I can’t help it…”

“I’m going to attempt to purge them.”

“What?” Elder Gong blinked several times as if he’d misheard.

Shadow, eavesdropping from the sidelines, displayed a similar reaction.

“I said I’m going to eliminate the impurities in your body.”

“I don’t understand… Is that even possible?” Elder Gong’s eyes widened in shock. To remove impurities from my body… Even the Divine Physician who tended to me deemed it impossible.

“You’re being nonsensical again…”

Needless to say, their astonishment was justified. Although accumulating impurities in the body was a natural part of life, eliminating them was difficult. Throughout history, masters had practiced meditation, controlled their diet, and honed their martial arts skills to prevent the accumulation of impurities and gradually expel them from their bodies.

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However, Elder Gong was neither a devout ascetic nor a particularly skilled martial artist, so it was obvious that he couldn’t do it himself. Therefore, someone else would have to do it for him. However, if it was challenging to remove impurities with one’s own abilities, it was even harder to extract it from someone else’s body.

The Divine Physician could probably do it, but the elderly man’s physical stamina likely wouldn’t have endured the process, I thought, but I refrained from vocalizing it. If the Divine Physician thought he could succeed, Elder Gong wouldn’t be here right now.

Anyway, the point was that only I, a person who had defied conventional wisdom by learning the Heavenly Divine Art while suffering from the Heavenly Yin Blocked Meridians, could do what the Divine Physician couldn’t.

“Didn’t I mention something like this yesterday?”

“You did…?”

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“I told you that you were lucky to meet me, right?”

Dumbfounded, Elder Gong stared blankly at me for a moment, then broke into laughter.


“Close your eyes and take a deep breath.”

Elder Gong complied, lying down on the bed and closing his eyes.

Shadow gnawed her fingernails anxiously, her eyes darting between Elder Gong and me. “If anything happens to him…”

“If I make a mistake because you stressed me out, will you take responsibility?”


“Shadow, you’re a nervous wreck, so kindly step outside.”

“S-Sir, please, I implore you to reconsider. How can you entrust your life to such a man…”

“Are you going to make me repeat myself?”

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“…I’m sorry,” Shadow apologized. She then meekly left the room, although she couldn’t resist giving me a scrutinizing once-over before closing the door.

I chuckled, “Your bodyguard seems to dislike me quite a bit, wouldn’t you say?”

“Well, you don’t exactly have a very pleasant personality.”

“Are you sure you want to place your life in the hands of an unpleasant individual like me then? What if I fail and undo the Divine Physician’s work?”

“Well… how much longer do you think I have to live in my current state? If I was lucky to meet you like you said, then I’ll gladly take a gamble with my life.”

“Still, I could be an assassin, for all you know?”

Elder Gong laughed dryly. “I’ve encountered many life-threatening situations, and I can confidently say that you’re far too talkative to be an assassin.”

“…By the way, the treatment is going to hurt a little.”

“Are you doing this on…”

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“…No, I didn’t say that because you hurt my feelings.”

I placed my hands on Elder Gong’s qi center and forehead and activated the Heaven Defying Divine Art.

This is somewhat reminiscent of Wiji Cheon’s case, except Elder Gong’s mind is clear.

I had previously removed contaminated qi from Wiji Cheon, who had experienced qi deviation while practicing the fake Unlimited Sword. The circumstances differed, but the technique of using the Heaven Defying Divine Art to funnel impure qi into my qi center was similar.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve done it before, but it seems easier this time.

Elder Gong’s body was rife with impurities. Decades of accumulation had hampered his progress in mastering martial arts. Consequently, he could only focus on basic exercises and meditation.

This is why it is recommended to start learning martial arts at a young age. If I want to ensure that this sixty-five year old man passes the Azure Dragon Academy entrance exam, I’ll have to first purify his insides and prepare a clean slate for learning martial arts.

“Ugh…” Elder Gong groaned, breaking out in a cold sweat. He shivered, a chill coursing down his spine as the accumulated impurities slowly left his body.

“Old man!” Shadow shouted, barging through the door. As I was still in the middle of the treatment, however, she could not intervene.

I suppose this is enough for today. Elder Gong’s stamina is likely nearing its limit, too. I ceased employing the inner arts of the Heaven Defying Divine Art, intending to withdraw.

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Huh? What’s happening?

Suddenly, the medicinal qi that had been suppressing the impure qi within Elder Gong’s body unexpectedly began gravitating toward me, along with the impurities.

Since when could I absorb qi? The Heaven Defying Divine Art doesn’t have such a technique… Wait, is this possible because it’s not Elder Gong’s inner qi, but an extraneous energy?

For the longest time, the medicinal qi in Elder Gong’s body had stayed dormant, doing nothing except suppressing the impurities. In other words, since Elder Gong hadn’t digested it properly, it wasn’t really his, per se.

Still, even though the medicinal qi was beneficial, it was inextricably intertwined with the poisonous impure qi. The combination would only harm an ordinary martial artist.

However, I’m not an ordinary martial artist, am I? To me, isn’t this the equivalent of a potent elixir?

Did I just… hit the jackpot?

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