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“Zzz… Zzz…” Hyonwon Kang’s loud snores echoed through the room as he sprawled on his bed. His puffy, swollen face and double nosebleeds were a sight to behold.

Well, at least he hasn’t broken anything.

One of Hyonwon Kang’s standout qualities was his natural strength. Every day, he subjected himself to grueling workouts that would leave most people sore for days, yet he’d wake up the next morning feeling fine. It was safe to say that he possessed phenomenal physical prowess.

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“Mnya… Peng Sa-Hyuk… you bastard… just a bit more…” he mumbled in his sleep.

“A bit? It’s a lot more, idiot,” I scolded.

After checking up on Hyonwon Kang, I moved on to the next room. There, Wiji Cheon lay fast asleep, curled up like a shrimp.

Despite being fifteen, Wiji Cheon’s sleeping visage resembled that of a ten-year-old boy. When I first met him, he was an insane sword demon, but now, he exuded a much more innocent aura compared to his peers.

Well, he was a pure kid even when he was in the middle of qi deviation.

Pure as in he tore apart mountain birds and sliced up rabbits while harboring no evil in his heart.

“Mommy…” Wiji Cheon murmured, clutching the sword tightly to his chest.

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I stared at him, assessing his talents and weaknesses. Unlike Hyonwon Kang, Wiji Cheon had a slight build with thin limbs. He was still in the midst of his growth spurt, so there was room for him to grow taller, but for now, he looked like he would have an average physique as an adult. Decent for a swordsman, but not exceptional.

Still, Wiji Cheon’s true talent lay not in his physique, but in his insight - the kind of insight and focus that allowed him to independently master the intricate Unlimited Sword to a fairly high level, even though it was a fake.

Above all, this boy loved the sword.

“A swordsman should love swords.”

“Isn’t that obvious?”

“Most swordsmen see the sword as a mere tool, a weapon for killing. They use it, but they don’t really love it.”

“What do you mean by ‘love the sword’? Is it a matter of mindset?”

“A sword is a sword.”

“Master Sword Saint, I’m not trying to preach here, but…”

“A sword is a sword. If you want to understand the sword, you have to look at it every day.”

“No…” welcomes you.

I couldn’t help but remember Master Sword Saint caressing his beloved sword after mercilessly killing a human without hesitation. That sword that Master Sword Saint had cherished so dearly had shattered immediately upon his death.

“Mommy… Daddy…” As if trapped in a nightmare, Wiji Cheon shuddered and clung tightly to his sword, cold sweat forming on his pale forehead.

He’s still dealing with the aftermath of his qi deviation.

Despite his cheerful facade, Wiji Cheon had only recovered from his qi deviation episode less than a month ago. While his physical health was nearly restored, the mental scars would take much longer to heal.

“Nooo… I’m scared…”

I placed my hand on Wiji Cheon’s pale forehead and channeled some inner qi to warm him up. “It’s okay, it’s okay,” I comforted.

Wiji Cheon’s expression eased slightly. “Daddy… please don’t go…”

“Don’t worry, Daddy isn’t going anywhere.”

As I gently stroked Wiji Cheon’s head, he gradually drifted into a deep slumber. welcomes you.

Wow, I feel like I’m raising my own child.

After ensuring that Wiji Cheon was sound asleep, I rose from my seat and stepped outside. The moonlit night enveloped me, and as I roamed the manor’s grounds, I thought about various things.

Master Crazy Demon and Master Sword Saint. Hyonwon Kang and Wiji Cheon.

Both possessed remarkable talents, yet upon closer inspection, they were entirely different types of prodigies. Hyonwon Kang had been blessed with extraordinary physical abilities, nerves of steel, and keen eyesight that allowed him to replicate most techniques after a single glimpse.

In contrast, Wiji Cheon possessed insight, focus, and a profound connection with the sword that enabled him to comprehend and master intricate martial arts forms. It was this affinity that made the enigmatic yet profound Unlimited Sword a perfect fit for Wiji Cheon.

At the moment, Wiji Cheon was ahead of Hyonwon Kang. However, with Kang’s unwavering dedication, stamina, and foundation in the Earth Shattering Blade, the gap would surely close as he learned the Asura Blood Heaven Blade.

Most importantly, having a rival would help both of them grow.

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I can only imagine how formidable they’ll become…

I smiled with satisfaction. The thought of my hand-picked disciples making waves at the Heavenly Martial Festival was exhilarating.

In the end, I guess I’m a teacher through and through. However, if I want to get what I want, I have to first become stronger myself.

In order to properly guide these two prodigies, I had to first get stronger myself. Lost in thought, I continued my leisurely stroll.

“With regards to outer arts, I practice the Eighteen Strikes of the Viridian Forest daily, so that’s not an issue. The real challenge is increasing my proficiency in the Heaven Defying Divine Art…”

The Heaven Defying Divine Art was classified into minor mastery, intermediate mastery, and complete mastery, based on one’s level of achievement. Presently, I had achieved full minor mastery, having reached the three-star milestone of the Heaven Defying Divine Art, and was on the cusp of entering intermediate mastery.

“…I need more elixirs.”

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Once the Heaven Defying Divine Art surpassed four stars and ventured into intermediate mastery, the demand for elixirs increased exponentially. That meant that at least until the culmination of intermediate mastery, the Art would continue to drain my reserves.

“This is going to cost quite a bit. It seems I’ll have to meet with Bok Man-Chun sooner rather than later.”

It was time to formulate my future plans.

Suddenly, I felt a gentle touch on my back. “Old man, you’re late,” I said.

“Hoho, I intended to surprise you from behind… but I guess I was caught.” Wiji Yeol, the head of one of the Eight Great Clans of the extinct Blood Cult, grinned and scratched the back of his head.

“I presume you came from the smithy?”

“Yes. I’ve practically taken up residence there lately. It’s been ages since I’ve worked in a genuine smithy, so pardon me if I can’t help myself.”

Ever since he adopted a false identity arranged by Cheong Cheon to enter the city, Wiji Yeol had been laboring at a smithy I owned.

“Take it easy, you’re not a spring chicken anymore.”

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“I’ll try. Anyway, how’s Cheon?”

“He’s exhausted and turned in early. He spent the entire day sparring with the Azure Dragon Academy senior I brought.”

“Ah, so today was the day the new kid was moving in. I hope they didn’t clash too fiercely…”

“Don’t worry. Until this morning, Cheon stuck to me like glue, but once he laid eyes on his senior, he switched loyalties disgustingly fast.”

We shared a laugh and exchanged pleasantries for a while. It had been a while since I last saw Wiji Yeol, and his countenance radiated joy.

“These days, I’m really content. It’s all thanks to you.”

Ever since I healed Wiji Cheon’s qi deviation, Wiji Yeol had regarded me as a lifelong benefactor.

“You not only saved my only grandchild, but you also provided us with new identities. You’ve even fulfilled my lifelong wish… I’ll never be able to repay you in this lifetime.”

“Then you’ll have to live a long life, so you’ll have plenty of time to repay the favor, right?” I quipped playfully.

Wiji Yeol burst into laughter and patted my shoulder. “Hehehe, indeed, I’ll need to live a very long life for your sake!”

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“That’s the spirit.”



Ouch! My shoulder is stinging… This old man’s hand is like a pot lid…

Realizing that I needed to change the subject swiftly before my shoulder was injured, I deftly sidestepped Wiji Yeol and changed the topic, asking, “By the way, any progress on crafting a sword superior to the Blood Demon Sword?”

Wiji Yeol froze. “Hmm… Well, I do have something to report in that regard,” he said hesitantly.

Previously, I had entrusted Meteor Iron to Wiji Yeol, the Blood Cult’s premier blacksmith, with the task of creating a sword that would surpass the Blood Demon Sword, and he had begun to work on it.

“Are you okay? Is something amiss?”

Wiji Yeol, who had been jovial just moments earlier, slowly met my gaze and apologized, “I’m sorry to say this, but… uhm… It’s going to cost a substantial sum.”

I heaved a sigh of relief, relieved that the situation wasn’t as dire as I had feared. “How much are we talking about?”

“Well, I’ve itemized everything I need and compiled it for you. This is the list of equipment and materials.”

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Wiji Yeol delved into his bag, producing a long list of items along with their prices.

…It’s not as exorbitant as I thought.

“Do we really need all this? Some of this stuff seems pretty expensive.”

“To begin with, Meteor Iron alone is not enough to forge the sword. It’s in short supply, and the sword’s strength comes primarily from an alloy of Meteor Iron and several other metals. In addition, we’ll need a variety of equipment to work with different types of iron…”

“Hey, aren’t you the top blacksmith of the Blood Cult? A craftsman who can create exquisite swords even in a humble forge…”

Wiji Yeol blinked in confusion. “What do you mean? Do you think a blacksmith makes swords using only his bare hands? It’s only natural that superior swords require first-class materials and conditions. In fact, the more skilled the craftsman, the more particular he is about his equipment!”


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“Trust me, if you can secure these items, I will forge a masterpiece that will undoubtedly surpass the Blood Demon Sword…”


Wiji Yeol’s expression turned sour. “This is way too much, huh… I understand. In that case, I’ll cut back on a few things… and just leave the essentials…”

“No, don’t skimp on your craft.” I shook my head. To produce the finest work, one needed the finest materials and environment. “Leave the list as it is. I’ll procure everything you need.”

“Thank you. And I apologize…”

“No need to apologize, I have the means,” I replied, grinning sheepishly.

Well, at least, until this point, I believed I had the means.


The next day, I put on my Heo Cheon disguise and went to meet Bok Man-Chun.

“Greetings, Young Master.”

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“Long time no see, Mr. Bok.”

During this absence, Bok Man-Chun seemed to have gained weight. Where he had once been rugged and exuded a rough demeanor, he now resembled an older man with a bulging belly.

Noticing my scrutiny, Bok Man-Chun coughed and apologized, hastily covering his stomach with his hand. “I’ve been busy lately, so I haven’t had time to train…”

For a martial artist, admitting that one hadn’t trained was a big problem. I briefly entertained the thought, but Bok Man-Chun wasn’t my bodyguard; he was my business administrator, overseeing my various companies and collecting the profits.

I handed him the list of items I’d received from Wiji Yeol. “I would like to purchase these items.”

Bok Man-Chun scanned the list and looked at the prices. His face quickly darkened. “These items are quite expensive.”

“I plan to expand the forge a bit this time. You know the new old man upstairs, right? He’s a very skilled blacksmith.”

“Ah, yes… Would you mind if it takes some time?”

“The sooner, the better.”

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Bok Man-Chun’s expression didn’t brighten, but I wasn’t too worried. I brought up the next issue. “Additionally, I need you to acquire some elixirs, similar to what you did in the past, but this time I need a lot more…”

“I have to be honest with you, Young Master.” Bok Man-Chun suddenly pulled out a ledger and handed it to me.

“Why are you giving me this now…”

“We have no money.”

“What do you mean?” Haven’t I only recently inherited the wealth of Old Man Heo, one of the top ten loan sharks in Nanchang?

“To put it simply, we’re broke.” Bok Man-Chun said, unfolding the ledger in front of me.

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