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“Are you serious about changing schools?” Noh Gun-Sang asked.

Peng Sa-Hyuk nodded. “Yes.”

“Why the sudden decision?”

Peng Sa-Hyuk fidgeted uncomfortably. He needed a recommendation letter from the academy’s principal, Noh Gun-Sang, to facilitate his transfer, but actually asking for it was nerve-wracking.

Bowing politely, Peng Sa-Hyuk explained, “I apologize, but I believe I’ve learned all I can at the Azure Dragon Academy. I want to challenge myself alongside exceptional students in a more conducive environment.”

Noh Gun-Sang fell silent for a moment, then sighed. “Haa… Which academy are you considering?”

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“The Heavenly Martial Academy.”

“Well, that’s a relief. At least it’s not the White Tiger Academy.”

The Azure Dragon Academy and the White Tiger Academy had been rivals for years, their fierce competition extending even to the Heavenly Martial Festival.

…Although, in recent times, the Azure Dragon Academy’s ten-year run as the lowest-ranked institution had rendered their rivalry somewhat pointless.

“I haven’t even considered any other options apart from the Heavenly Martial Academy.”

“Are you prepared for the challenges you’ll face? It won’t be easy.”

“Just grant me the recommendation letter, and I’ll handle the rest.”

Transferring was notoriously arduous. It required excelling at your current academy and passing an entrance exam significantly tougher than the standard one. For an Azure Dragon Academy student, the lowest of the Five Great Academies, aiming for the Heavenly Martial Academy meant even more stringent criteria.

“The instructors and students there won’t go easy on you.”

Peng Sa-Hyuk grinned, brushing it off as if it were child’s play. “Let them try.”

“I see. With your spirit, I believe you’ll adapt just fine.”

No matter how competitive it is at the Heavenly Martial Academy, Peng Sa-Hyuk is bound to shine there. In fact, with his bold personality, he might even stir things up, Noh Gun-Sang thought, chuckling to himself. welcomes you.

“By the way, I’m not quite sure what to mention in your recommendation letter about your character. Three years of dominating the Club Union, gathering followers, bullying your classmates, and nearly landing in prison this year for attempting to bribe new instructors.”

“P-Principal…” Peng Sa-Hyuk stammered, panicking.

Noh Gun-Sang playfully grinned. “Well, you’ve certainly been quite the troublemaker. I can only imagine what the Heavenly Martial Academy Principal might think if they found out.”

“Principal…” Peng Sa-Hyuk deflated. If Noh Gun-Sang decided to highlight “character issues” in his recommendation letter, transferring might become impossible.

So this is the Thousand-Armed Bodhisattva Noh Gun-Sang, one of the world’s top hundred… Not even the Hebei Peng Clan’s reputation can intimidate him.

Seeing Peng Sa-Hyuk’s unease, Noh Gun-Sang laughed, “Just kidding. I won’t include the character part in your letter of recommendation. While your pranks may have occasionally crossed the line, you’ve generally performed well academically.”

“…Thank you,” Peng Sa-Hyuk sighed with relief.

However, Noh Gun-Sang wasn’t done yet. “Although… can you take another day to think about it?”


Noh Gun-Sang fixed Peng Sa-Hyuk with a meaningful stare. Feeling as though those eyes could penetrate his innermost thoughts, Peng Sa-Hyuk quickly looked away.

“You’ve given me many reasons, but I suspect the primary one for your transfer isn’t among them, is it?”

“…Why do you say that?”

“Whether you like it or not, living a long life makes you perceptive. The twinkle in your eye gave you away.”


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“If you wish to attend the Heavenly Martial Academy, I’m willing to support you. But before you go, tie up any loose ends here, before they become inner demons that haunt you.”

I’m done here. I have no more regrets, Peng Sa-Hyuk thought, but he wisely refrained from voicing his thoughts to the school principal. “…Alright,” he finally replied.

“I’ll have the recommendation letter ready by tomorrow afternoon. Come pick it up then.”

“Thank you.” Peng Sa-Hyuk rose from his seat, bowed to Noh Gun-Sang, and turned to leave.

Suddenly, in a hushed tone, Noh Gun-Sang spoke, “Three years ago, when you joined the Azure Dragon Academy, your teachers and I had high hopes for you.”

Peng Sa-Hyuk slowly turned back. “…I’m sorry I didn’t meet your expectations.”

Noh Gun-Sang smiled warmly. “No apologies necessary. We are the ones who are sorry for not teaching you properly, and…I still hold high hopes for you.”

“Are you suggesting I stay at the Azure Dragon Academy?” Peng Sa-Hyuk asked, his expression hardening.

Noh Gun-Sang shook his head. “That’s not what I mean… I simply hope that whether you stay here or go to the Heavenly Martial Academy, you’ll always give it your all and achieve your goals. That’s all.”


“Of course, it’s a pity. This year’s Azure Dragon Academy looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. Can you guess why?” Noh Gun-Sang smiled with the innocence of a child.

That smile prompted Peng Sa-Hyuk to laugh without realizing it. “Yeah.”

At that moment, a certain person’s face flashed through both their minds.

“Then, at this year’s Heavenly Martial Festival, I will lead the Azure Dragon Academy to victory.”

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Baek Su-Ryong had confidently spoken of winning the Heavenly Martial Festival. It was an impossible task, but he was determined to give it his all.

“It’d be a shame if you missed out on the fun.”

“It would be, but I can’t change anything by myself,” Peng Sa-Hyuk sadly concluded. “I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can stay.”

With that, Peng Sa-Hyuk bowed, turned, and exited the Principal’s office, softly muttering, “…Because I no longer have any regrets.”

As he stepped out of the building and wandered the academy’s grounds, Peng Sa-Hyuk reflected on his three years at the Azure Dragon Academy. He had never been a model student, and most of his classes bored him due to their lack of challenge. His classmates, too, failed to captivate him.

Except for Dokgo Jun, everyone else is mediocre.

With no competition within the academy, Peng Sa-Hyuk had strayed down a different path.

I indulged in power to the point of tedium.

As the Young Master of the Hebei Peng Clan, he easily amassed followers within the academy, securing control over the Club Union and gaining influence over some instructors. He knew they referred to him as the snake head behind his back, but he cared little for the opinions of the weak.

It’s all so boring.

At the Azure Dragon Academy, he could act as arrogantly as he pleased, but he was self-aware enough to realize that he was the true rotten delinquent, not Hyonwon Kang like he always said.

“I’m sure you’ve been guzzling those expensive elixirs your clan provides, learning from the best instructors, and mastering secret martial arts passed down through generations. If you’re still weaker than me after all that, then you’re truly a worthless good-for-nothing.”

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“You’re the worthless good-for-nothing, damn it.”

A pitiable face with swollen, bruised lips. Eyes brimming with venom. A life wasted, but with an envy-inducing talent. Once friends, now nothing.

Thinking of Hyonwon Kang, Peng Sa-Hyuk snorted. “You’ll remain stuck here for the rest of your life.”

Regardless of how he thought about it, there was nothing more to gain at the Azure Dragon Academy. He had no reason to stay, and from now on, he needed to aim higher. Therefore, he would transfer to the Heavenly Martial Academy, surpass those who underestimated him, and dominate yet another academy.

I should return and request the recommendation letter right away. Peng Sa-Hyuk started heading back to Noh Gun-Sang’s office.



What…? Movement arts? Who…? Peng Sa-Hyuk turned toward the direction of the shout.

Hyonwon Kang was racing toward him, his face a colorful canvas of bruises.

At first, Peng Sa-Hyuk was astonished by Hyonwon Kang’s audacity, but when he saw Hyonwon Kang’s battered face, he brushed it aside and burst out laughing, “Puhahaha! Y-You look like a panda with those black eyes… Wait, I don’t remember hitting you in the face, though…? Who the hell did that to you?”

Hyonwon Kang skidded to a stop before Peng Sa-Hyuk, panting heavily. “Huff, huff… there you are. Fuck, I’ve been looking for you everywhere.”

“You’ve been looking for me?” For a moment, Peng Sa-Hyuk’s expression darkened, and he exuded a chilling aura. “Hyonwon Kang, I warned you. Stay at least a hundred steps away from me, or I’ll…”

“Hey, let’s have another match.”


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“Another match.”

Peng Sa-Hyuk was dumbfounded for a moment, before he regained his composure and said incredulously, “You’ve really gone mad, that’s good. There’s no cure for insanity but death. Come on, you asshole.”

“Wait!” As Peng Sa-Hyuk drew his sword, Hyonwon Kang stumbled backward. “Not today, but next time! That’s what I came here to tell you.”

“…Are you kidding me?” Peng Sa-Hyuk exclaimed, but the look on Hyonwon Kang’s face told him that he was not joking.

“Starting today, I’m going to learn a new blade art,” Hyonwon Kang proudly declared.

“A new blade art?”

“From now on, no more drinking, no more slacking off. I’ll train to the brink of exhaustion.”

“…What for?”

Hyonwon Kang grinned widely. “So that next time, I’ll win.”

For a moment, Peng Sa-Hyuk felt like he had traveled back in time. Hyonwon Kang’s smile was one he hadn’t seen in three years.

“Next time, I’ll win!”

He had said that to Hyonwon Kang countless times when they were kids, but ironically, it was Hyonwon Kang who was saying it to him now.

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Oh how the tables have turned. Peng Sa-Hyuk erupted in laughter. “You’re insane… Ahahahahaha!”

“What? You think I’m joking? Go ahead, laugh all you want now. Let’s see if you’ll still be laughing in a few months…”


Hyonwon Kang dropped to his knees, caught off guard by a sudden punch to the stomach. Tears welled up in his eyes as he glared at Peng Sa-Hyuk. “Damned bastard, why’d you hit me! I said next time, didn’t I? Next time!”

Peng Sa-Hyuk sneered, “Hah, in a few months? You’ll never defeat me, you damned bastard.”

“Fuck you… We’ll see.”

Watching Hyonwon Kang grit his teeth, Peng Sa-Hyuk snorted, a hint of genuine amusement in his laughter. “Kukuku, excellent. Please try harder next time. I’ll eagerly anticipate the pleasure of defeating you,” he declared with a smirk.


A few days later, armed with Noh Gun-Sang’s recommendation letter, Peng Sa-Hyuk made his way to the Heavenly Martial Academy. He aced the transfer exam and became a student at the prestigious institution.

He then penned a letter to Hyonwon Kang: “See you at the Heavenly Martial Festival. We’ll settle our match there.”

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