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“What we are most anticipating is the enhancement of girls’ motivation and focus during lessons… Heehee, it seems the Student Council has taken quite a liking to Baek Su-Ryong,” Noh Gun-Sang chuckled, gazing down at the small notebook in his hand. Within its pages lay an extensive list of advantages the Azure Dragon Academy stood to gain by hiring Baek Su-Ryong as a new instructor.

Unsurprisingly, the author was none other than Tang So-So.

But where there were ardent supporters, there was also fierce opposition.

“I’m against it. Winning the Heavenly Martial Festival! If we accept such a braggart as a new instructor, our entire academy will become a laughingstock,” Vice Principal Kwak Cheol-Woo declared with unwavering determination, crossing his arms firmly and locking gazes with Noh Gun-Sang as if indicating that he wouldn’t yield this time, not even to the Principal.

Noh Gun-Sang sighed, “Vice Principal, even you think it’s impossible for us to win the Heavenly Martial Festival?”

“Whether it’s the level of the students, the quality of the training, the differences in the training conditions, the budget constraints, the instructors’ competence… Never mind the Heavenly Martial Academy, we lag behind the other four academies in every aspect.”

“That’s quite sobering.”

“I’m just stating facts.” Kwak Cheol-Woo’s expression soured. He didn’t like admitting that the Azure Dragon Academy wasn’t up to par, but sometimes one had to face reality. “The Azure Dragon Academy’s reputation has already hit rock-bottom. We can’t afford to hire a braggart and invite further mockery.”

“Vice Principal…”

“Principal, I won’t make any concessions this time,” Kwak Cheol-Woo said sternly, showing his resolve. “We will select the final candidates based on their combined interview and practical examination scores. While applicant Baek Su-Ryong’s grades are commendable, they are not enough to place him among the top five.”

“……” Baek Su-Ryong’s abilities were beyond doubt, but his statements about winning the Heavenly Martial Festival had divided both instructors and students in a way that Noh Gun-Sang found disheartening.

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“Even with the Student Council’s endorsement?” he asked.

“Yes, because the Club Union has expressed concerns that selecting Mr. Baek Su-Ryong as a new instructor could lead to conflicts on campus.” Kwak Cheol-Woo waved a piece of paper before Noh Gun-Sang.

Noh Gun-Sang read the contents of the paper and furrowed his brow. “Isn’t Peng Sa-Hyuk the Club Union President? I heard that he was humiliated by Candidate Baek Su-Ryong not too long ago. This looks like a personal attack…”

“Mr. Principal.” Kwak Cheol-Woo rose from his seat, his expression grave. “Not long ago, it was you who advised me not to let personal sentiments interfere with a fair assessment. Have you forgotten?”

Indeed, Noh Gun-Sang had used that as an excuse to dissuade Kwak Cheol-Woo from beating up his own nephew on stage in front of an audience.

He’s so unyielding… What do I do now?

Noh Gun-Sang surveyed the other instructors hopefully, but most of them nodded in agreement with the Vice Principal.

Kwak Cheol-Woo continued his offensive. “Out of a hundred applicants, we can only select five. If we disregard fairness and choose candidates favored by the Principal, rejected applicants may later suspect that our academy’s admission criteria lacks transparency.”

“I agree with the Vice Principal.”

“Yes, we must judge all candidates fairly.”

“I agree too…”

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Kwak Cheol-Woo smiled. He might be weaker than Noh Gun-Sang in martial arts, but when it came to influence and decisiveness, there was no competition.

Noh Gun-Sang sighed again. The vice principal was right. Noh Gun-Sang had grown fond of Baek Su-Ryong and had unintentionally helped him on many occasions. Supporting him further was crossing a line.

Losing someone who could potentially restore the academy’s reputation is regrettable, but perhaps this is fate, he thought.

“Sigh, al-“ Noh Gun-Sang began, but before he could finish his line, he was interrupted.

“All new instructors have to go through a three-month probationary period, during which they are not paid very much.”

“Who said that… Mr. Namgoong?” Kwak Cheol-Woo turned toward the speaker, only to see an expressionless Namgoong Su.

Namgoong Su continued, “I don’t see why we have to limit ourselves to only five candidates.”

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“What are you suggesting…”

“This year, there are many capable instructor candidates. It might be better to choose a few more and observe them for a while. If they don’t meet our expectations, we can simply terminate their contracts after three months.”

“No, Mr. Namgoong…” Kwak Cheol-Woo wavered. Namgoong Su was the Azure Dragon Academy’s one and only Star Instructor, and the only person whose words he heeded. He wants us to increase our hiring quota? Does that mean that he’s also supporting Baek Su-Ryong?

It was just Kwak Cheol-Woo, all the other instructors present were also taken aback.

“Oh my! That’s a great idea! In that case, why don’t we select ten people instead this year?” Noh Gun-Sang said, slapping his knee in gleeful realization.

To make matters worse, Mae Geuk-Lyom, who had remained silent throughout the meeting, joined the conversation. “If the budget is tight, I can contribute.”

Kwak Cheol-Woo argued, “But that’s ten people! Our budget…”

“If we still don’t have enough money, you can deduct it from my salary, “ Namgoong Su offered.

“N-No, there’s no reason for you to use your own money, Mr. Namgoong…” Kwak Cheol-Woo stuttered, panicking.

“I don’t mind you deducting a portion of my salary, either.”

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“We are currently short on staff, and we are about to admit a large number of new students. I’m not getting any younger, and handling all the work alone is quite exhausting,” Mae Geuk-Lyom explained.

No one believed him, but no one dared to argue with him either. Mae Geuk-Lyom didn’t talk much, but his influence exceeded that of anyone present.

“Hahaha! The Headmaster is right. The more hands we have, the better. It appears our Azure Dragon Academy is going to be very busy this year.”

Noh Gun-Sang, Namgoong Su, and Mae Geuk-Lyom. For these three individuals, who rarely saw eye to eye, to be in agreement was so rare that Kwak Cheol-Woo was on the brink of tears.

“Does anyone oppose this?” he asked, glancing around at the other instructors even as his last hopes dwindled away.

“…Very well, if you all concur, then I will comply.”

In the end, because of one irregular applicant, it was decided that the number of new instructors would be increased from five to ten.

“As is tradition, we will post a notice with the results at the main gate,” Noh Gun-Sang said as he wrote down the names of the ten successful applicants, ordered by their exam scores, and displayed the list for everyone to see. “I will announce them as listed. Any objections?”

“No,” Namgoong Su replied immediately.

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Noh Gun-Sang looked at him worriedly, wondering if he had more to say. Don’t tell me he’s looking for trouble now…

Namgoong Su reached out and pointed to a name on the list. To no one’s surprise, it was Baek Su-Ryong.

“Since you are so confident, why don’t you entrust him with a class?”

“A class…for a new instructor?” Noh Gun-Sang asked nervously.

Namgoong Su grinned faintly and said, “Don’t we have a really small class that even a new instructor can manage?”

“No way…”

“I propose that our new instructor, Mr. Baek Su-Ryong, be assigned to the Remedial Class.”


The following day, the final list of new instructors was posted at the main gate of Azure Dragon Academy.


“I got in…”

“Hyung-nim, we all passed!”


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As Myeong Il-Oh and Ak Yeon-Ho embraced me from both sides and bounced up and down in joy, I, sandwiched between them, couldn’t share in their happiness at all.

“Hyung-nim…?” The two boys noticed my expression and lowered their arms gently.

“Are you disappointed because you didn’t get a high score?” Ak Yeon-Ho asked.

I shook my head. “I don’t care about the ranking. It’s not like getting a higher rank means a better pay.”

Whether I was first or last didn’t matter, my goal of gaining admission to Azure Dragon Academy had been achieved. What troubled me was the line scrawled at the bottom of the page.

<In addition, Mr. Baek Su-Ryong has been assigned as homeroom teacher for the Remedial Class.>

“What is the Remedial Class?”

The two boys, who had been rejoicing at their acceptance, finally noticed the extra line and widened their eyes.

“The Remedial Class? Uhm, how should I say this…”

“I’ve heard about it, but…”

“It’s essentially a class for students who need extra help,” a female student answered, walking toward us. It was Tang So-So. “Congratulations to the three of you for passing the exam,” she added.

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“Thank you!”

“Oh my, as a teacher, you don’t have to be so polite to me now, Mr. Baek,” Tang So-So said, cooly flipping her hair behind her ear.

“Uhh… yeah… Anyway, can you tell me more about the Remedial Class?”

“Regardless of their year, those who have bad grades are placed in the Remedial Class.”

No wonder they hired me so easily… Does this academy have a tradition of new employee hazing?

I sighed and clarified, “So does that mean that the students in the Remedial Class are the weakest in the Azure Dragon Academy?”

Tang So-So shook her head with a somewhat ambiguous expression. “Actually, it’s not their skills that are the issue… The Remedial Class is more like a gathering place for problem students.”

“Problem students?”

“Individuals like Hyonwon Kang, for example.”

My eyes lit up at the mention of Hyonwon Kang. Oh? Looks like it’s somewhat different from what I initially thought?

Looking a tad frustrated, Tang So-So continued, “Well, the students in the Remedial Class are known for skipping classes often. If they’re not even attending regular classes, why would they show up for homeroom? It’s the worst class for a new teacher on probation!”

Maybe something like that would bother someone else, but not me. Little punks playing hooky? Hah, all I have to do is make sure they come to class.

“So-So, didn’t you mention earlier that the Remedial Class is open to students of all grades?”

“What? Oh, yes. Nobody opts for it willingly, but…”

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“Does that mean that freshmen and seniors can be in the same class? And I’ll be in charge of all of them?”

“That’s right… but why do you look so pleased about it?”

Oh dear, can she tell that I like challenges? I suppressed a smirk and smiled gently instead. “I’m just excited about the prospect of meeting new students.”

Tang So-So flushed red and clapped her hands over her mouth. Her eyes widened abruptly as she squealed, “A-Are you thinking about inappropriate relationships? I’ll file a complaint through the Student Council…”

“No, I’m not talking about that stuff. Please don’t file a complaint to the Headmaster.”

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“Then what do you mean?”

“The Remedial Class… I think I’ll enjoy teaching them.”

It was no secret who had orchestrated my appointment to the Remedial Class. It could only be Namgoong Su.

Too bad, the end result is going to be the complete opposite of what you’re hoping for, bastard.

In my mind, I already had a rough plan for securing victory in the Heavenly Martial Festival.

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