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“Grandpa, over here!” I smiled broadly and waved at the old man.

Mae Geuk-Lyom pouted. He could probably tell that I was acting like this on purpose to elicit some kind of response from the crowd, and as expected, they erupted.

“G-Grandpa, he said?”

“What did he just call the Headmaster?”


The students’ eyes widened in disbelief as they stared at the two of us with eyes that said, “There’s no way, right?”

“My grandson invited me to dinner, so I came… What’s going on? Aren’t these students from our school?” Mae Geuk-Lyom hammered the final nail in the coffin.

”!!” Mae Geuk-Lyom’s admission blew the students’ hesitation out of the water. The quick-thinking male students hastily picked up the liquor bottles around them, while the female students with torn skirts hid behind the folding screens and got changed.

As they busied themselves, the students whispered in hushed but flustered tones.

“Did the Headmaster have any grandchildren?”

“I don’t know. He never talks about himself.”

“Damn, that new instructor never made any mention of this on the interview paperwork.”

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“I’m going crazy. We were just having some fun, so why…”

With the arrival of the constables and the Headmaster, what started out as a joke was now way out of hand.

“Fuck…” As the seriousness of the situation dawned upon him, Peng Sa-Hyuk’s composure vanished and he broke out in cold sweat.

To make Peng Sa-Hyuk shit his pants, just how scary is the Headmaster? Even I’m starting to panic…

Meanwhile, Mae Geuk-Lyom’s eyes narrowed at the chaotic scene. “Looks like you kids have gotten yourselves into trouble,” he stated coldly.

He twitched a white eyebrow, and the students’ bodies squirmed like they were about to have a seizure.

…Dang, the intimidating Blood Cult Devil Instructor that I was in my past life was nothing compared to this terrifying old man.

Mae Geuk-Lyom turned his attention back to the constable guarding the door and said, “I’m the Headmaster of the Azure Dragon Academy. I oversee student welfare and discipline, and it seems that our children have caused trouble here… So would you mind letting me through?”

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The constable gave Cheong Cheon a confused look, and Cheong Cheon in turn glanced at me for instruction. I gave him the barest hint of a nod, and he said to his subordinate, “Let him enter. Since the offenders this time are students, it is only right that we seek the aid of their custodians.”

Mae Geuk-Lyom walked into the inn and examined the mess around him. The occasional student who made eye contact with him either gulped in horror or hung their heads in shame, shivering.

The prospective instructors were no different. Everyone stood with their backs ramrod straight and their hands clasped together as if they were guilty.

Only Kwak Du-Yong stumbled around drunkenly for a bit before falling unconscious.

“Tsk tsk,” Mae Geuk-Lyom clicked his tongue and shot me a meaningful glance before turning to Cheong Cheon. “Head Constable, would you mind telling me what these kids have done wrong?”

“Of course not.”


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The sound of someone gulping rumbled like thunder as Cheong Cheon summarized the events that had just transpired.

To my surprise, when he was done, Mae Geuk-Lyom appeared fairly calm. “…To summarize, the kids drank alcohol illegally and vandalized the inn. They then tried to bribe you, the Head Constable, but when that failed, they threatened you,” he concluded.

“A-About that, Headmaster…” Peng Sa-Hyuk started.

However, before he could finish making excuses, Mae Geuk-Lyom interrupted, “Also…”

The old man turned toward Peng Sa-Hyuk, his placid face slowly twisting into a grimace. “Peng Sa-Hyuk, the girls have torn skirts, some of the boys have bleeding lips, and yet you use your family name to shift the blame to someone else?”


An intangible force emanated from Mae Geuk-Lyom’s body and paralyzed the students.

“Punks! How dare you still call yourselves students of the Azure Dragon Academy!”

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While the other students cowed, Peng Sa-Hyuk, the Young Master of the Peng Clan, clenched his teeth to prevent them from chattering.

If I remember right, his title was “Sword Addict”… I knew the old man was strong, but it was only now that I sensed the full extent of his strength. He’s either at the pinnacle of the Peak Realm or has just reached the Supreme Peak.

“I will meet all of you individually after you return to your dorms.”

"”…Yes, Headmaster.”” All the students, including Peng Sa-Hyuk, replied despondently. None of them dared to defy the old man.

Mae Geuk-Lyom let out a long sigh and looked back at Cheong Cheon.

“Head Constable.”

”“……”” The blood drained from the normal constables’ faces. Despite the fact that Mae Geuk-Lyom had focused his aura on the students, the spillover alone was enough to make most cower in fear.

Even Cheong Cheon, for all his courage and audacity, observed Mae Geuk-Lyom warily. “…I’m listening,” he acknowledged.

Now this…This is the intimidating aura of a real martial arts expert, unlike Peng Sa-Hyuk who only relies on his family’s name. They’re on completely different levels.

Suddenly, Mae Geuk-Lyom, whose presence completely dominated this space, bowed deeply to Cheong Cheon. “My students have done something unsavory. It’s my fault for failing to teach them properly, so I’ll take responsibility for what they’ve done.”

”“……”” Everyone was shocked speechless. The students looked like terminally ill patients, while the prospective instructors stared blankly in disbelief.

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I was no less surprised than them. A martial artist of that caliber, bowing down to another? That’s not something you see often, even in the orthodox sects!

Cheong Cheon took some time to compose himself, then asked, “How are you planning to take responsibility…?”

“Arrest me in their stead. When children misbehave, it is the fault of their parents first and their teachers second. Since these children’s’ parents have entrusted them to the Azure Dragon Academy, however, all the fault lies with me.”


Damn, that’s even more impressive… Before Mae Geuk-Lyom is a powerful martial master, he’s a teacher.

“So cool…” Ak Yeon-Ho swooned.

“Wow…” Myeong Il-Oh gaped.

Several of the other prospective instructors also clenched their fists in respect.

“Erm…” Cheong Cheon pretended to look around, but in reality, he was watching for my signal.

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When his gaze swept over me, I mouthed, ‘End this with a warning.’

Cheong Cheon frowned for a moment, then sighed resignedly and said, “Now that you have reminded me, I am ashamed of myself for scolding children. I will let you off with only a warning, which is within the limits of my authority. Please guide your students well so that such things don’t happen again.”

“…Thank you for your consideration, Head Constable.”

Mae Geuk-Lyom straightened his back and glared at the students with the eyes of a death god. “Follow me,” he commanded.

Before they left, I couldn’t help but interject, “Ahem! Thanks to you kids, the innkeeper has suffered great losses. Don’t you think he should be compensated?”

I felt a prickle of killing intent behind me (presumably from Peng Sa-Hyuk), but I ignored it and blinked at Cheong Cheon. Naturally, the righteous constable agreed with me.

“Of course, the innkeeper should be compensated appropriately.” welcomes you.

“I agree. Please report the damages to the Azure Dragon Academy…”

“I’ll pay for all the damages,” Peng Sa-Hyuk insisted.

I made a mental note of those words and smiled wryly. Yay! Look forward to your bill, brat.

Meanwhile, Mae Geuk-Lyom and Cheong Cheon, who somehow seemed to have taken a liking to each other, exchanged glances.

“If you would excuse me, I’ll be leaving with my students.”

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“Sure, farewell.”

Right before leaving the inn, Mae Geuk-Lyom shot me a quick glance and said, “I’ll see you later. Alone.”

“Okay! Take care, Grandpa!”

“…Ahem.” Mae Geuk-Lyom rubbed his temples in dismay, then strode out of the inn. With expressions like prisoners on death row, Peng Sa-Hyuk and the students trailed after him.

“From now on, we will be vigilant. If something similar happens again, we will arrest you immediately,” Cheong Cheon warned the remaining instructors before also taking his leave.



The prospective instructors simultaneously released the breaths they had been holding, and some sank to the floor as soon as their tension was completely released.

“Hyung-nim! Why didn’t you tell us that the Sword Addict was your grandfather?”


Ak Yeon-Ho relentlessly poked me in the side.

I slapped his hand away and said, “I was going to tell you when the time was right, but didn’t you say you weren’t afraid of the Headmaster? You were scared shitless.”

Actually, the fact that Mae Geuk-Lyom frightened everyone surprised me more than anything else. I thought that the heir to the Peng Clan might be able to stand up to him, but I couldn’t be more wrong. The instant Mae Geuk-Lyom appeared, the entire situation was resolved.

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Ak Yeon-Ho gave me a dubious look and said, “Didn’t you know? The Sword Addict was one of the leaders of the previous generation.”

“What about it? It’s not like everyone’s terrified of him because of his martial arts, right?”

Myeong Il-Oh answered my question, “Being strong is one thing, but more importantly, in his youth, he was friends and comrades with people who are now grand elders and grandmasters of large sects and clans. Do you get what that means?”

“Ahh…” In other words, my maternal grandfather could be sworn siblings with the Peng Clan’s retired Clan Head. Dang, this guy is more amazing that I imagined!

I relaxed my stiff shoulders. “You should watch out from now on. A man like that is my maternal grandfather.”

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“Ugh, I feel like 10 years of my lifespan has been shaved off… Earlier, when you insensitively demanded compensation for damages, I nearly freaked out…”

“That surprised me, too. Why did you bring that up all of a sudden?”

Hoho. Of course I wouldn’t suggest something so petty without good reason. With a huge grin, I said, “The innkeeper, Heo Cheon, is my acquaintance.”

As we chattered away, the last of the constables left the inn, leaving only the prospective instructors behind. One by one, they also started to walk out, but I called them back, shouting, “Gentlemen, before you go, let me say a few words.”

I took a moment to memorize each of their faces, especially those who had helped Peng Sa-Hyuk frame Ak Yeon-Ho and those who had looked offended when I slapped Peng Sa-Hyuk for his insolence. Of course, there were also the apathetic bystanders who were upset by Peng Sa-Hyuk’s actions but did not have the courage to speak out, instead keeping their heads down and waiting for everything to blow over.

I had only one thing to say to such people. “Shame on you, cowards. Do you still think you’re qualified to be teachers after what you’ve done?”


I spun around and stormed out of the inn. A few people started muttering incomprehensibly behind me, but I didn’t give a shit.


The next day, I put on my Heo Cheon mask and went to meet Bok Man-Chun.

“Good morning,” he said, bowing his head in greeting, before briefing me on the events of last night. As the manager of all my businesses, it came as no surprise that he had already heard about the incident.

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“There was a mishap at our inn involving students from the Azure Dragon Academy…”

After listening to an abbreviated version of the story (Bok Man-Chun didn’t seem to know about it in detail), I said, “Demand ten times the cost of repairing the damage as compensation.”

“Yes, I was already thinking of doing that… Wait, what?” Bok Man-Chun’s jaw dropped.

I repeated myself, but Bok Man-Chun still seemed uneasy. “The… The Peng Clan’s Young Master is the one paying compensation. I think it’s fine if we ask for double, but…isn’t ten times a bit much?” he asked.

As Peng Sa-Hyuk was the heir to the Peng Clan, one of the Five Great Clans, even if he was the one at fault, normal people still couldn’t afford to take advantage of him. However, that was not the case this time.

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“In the message to Peng Sa-Hyuk, add this line: If you don’t compensate me ten times the cost of fixing the damage, I’ll send the bill to the Headmaster of the Azure Dragon Academy.”

“Okay, but how does the Headmaster even factor into this…?”

A tenfold compensation was a large amount even for the Young Master of the Peng Clan, especially since I had deliberately chosen the most expensive food, drinks, and furnishings for yesterday’s party.

He’ll be eating his meals in the school dorms for a while.

I placed Peng Sa-Hyuk at the very top of my “Students I Need to Rehabilitate Once I Join the Azure Dragon Academy” mental list.

“Oh, and there’s something else I need to tell you.” Bok Man-Chun smiled confidently, then continued, “I’ve found the spiritual herbs and the black market that you asked me about.”

Translator’s Note: GRANDPA! Got to respect the old man.

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