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The place was an ancient ruin, the cornerstone barely maintaining its form, while the rest had succumbed to the relentless march of time. Only the waist-high grass and a thick layer of dust bore witness to the fleeting nature of existence.

A young girl strolled through the overgrown grass. Her name was Eun Han-Seol, and she looked no older than sixteen, but exuded an air of mystery far beyond her years. Her eyes remained inscrutable as she surveyed the ruins, her face devoid of any emotion, like a lifeless doll.

A gentle breeze tousled her dark hair as she stood there, immersing herself in the caress of the wind.

Suddenly, a shadow materialized behind her. “Young Mistress,” the newcomer said.

Eun Han-Seol turned to face the speaker. “Sa-Ryung.”

“The Madam wishes to meet you.”

“Master?” Eun Han-Seol’s eyes widened slightly in surprise. She had only seen her master, So Geum-Hyang, a handful of times in the past seven years, mostly during the early stages of her seclusion training. Once she had reached the later stages, her master never came to visit her again.

“Lead the way.”

“Follow me.”

The two walked in silence. Eun Han-Seol had always been taciturn, but now, she seemed more…distant.

Young Mistress… For a moment, a wistful glimmer flashed in Sa-Ryung’s eyes, but he quickly hid it and returned to his role as an obedient servant.

He soon led her through the gates of a grand lakeside estate located several miles away from the ruins. With its towering walls, lofty pavilions, and warm sunlight filtering through, the place exuded tranquility and elegance like a scene from a painting.

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Nestled in the heart of the manor, there was a pavilion that offered a sweeping vista of the picturesque lake: the Fragrant Forest Pavilion. There sat a regal woman with ageless alabaster skin, crimson lips, silver-white eyes, and black-blue hair that danced in the lake breeze. She was So Geum-Hyang, Eun Han-Seol’s master.



As Eun Han-Seol stepped onto the pavilion, So Geum-Hyang embraced her petite form.

“You’ve been through a lot.”


“Congratulations on mastering the Silverlight Ice Crystal Art (氷晶銀光大法).”

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“It’s all thanks to you, Master.”

Eun Han-Seol took a step back and looked at her mentor’s face. Neither of them seemed to have aged a single day in the past seven years.

“Please, take a seat.”


The two women sat across from each other. As she looked at her disciple who had surpassed all of her expectations, So Geum-Hyang’s smiled faintly and said, “I think it’s time I pass on the title of ‘Fairy of the White Night’ to you.”

“No, Master, I’m still not ready.”

“No one is ever fully ready for such a title, but you are already worthy of it.”

So Geum-Hyang thought back to the day almost a century ago when she inherited the title ‘Fairy of the White Night’. That was what they called her in the Silent Night, but to her enemies, she was the cruel, ruthless ‘Witch of the White Night’.

After carrying the burden for so long, she was tired. It was time to pass it to her apprentice.

“Henceforth, you shall be the Fairy of the White Night.”


“Cherish that title.”

Eun Han-Seol closed her eyes. From now on, there was no more Eun Han-Seol, only the Fairy of the White Night, one of the Silent Night’s Four Great Demon Generals. This was her destiny.

Suddenly, So Geum-Hyang asked, “Do you still resent me?”

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“How could a disciple resent her master…”

So Geum-Hyang grabbed her disciple’s hands and placed something in them—two tiny chakras, each the size of a child’s palm. It was the Moonlight Chakras (月光輪), the exclusive weapons of the Fairy of the White Night.

“They are yours now.”

“……” A crack appeared on Eun Han-Seol’s expressionless face for the first time as the corners of her eyes twitched. She cautiously accepted the Moonlight Chakras, and they emitted a clear sound, recognizing her as their new owner.

A refreshing energy surged through her, and the Moonlight Chakras’ energy swirled within her. welcomes you.

“Don’t resist it and activate the Heart of the Silver Soul. It’s how the Moonlight Chakras acknowledge you as their master,” So Geum-Hyang explained. The Moonlight Chakras were demonic weapons, and failure to master the Heart of the Silver Soul would lead to madness as the chakras consumed their wielder with demonic energy.

As instructed, Eun Han-Seol immediately used the Heart of the Silver Soul, and the energy of the chakras merged with her own. Silver light radiated from her body as she relaxed, like liquid mercury coursing through her veins.

“With this, you and the Moonlight Chakras have become one.” A hint of a smile graced So Geum-Hyang’s lips. The Moonlight Chakras’ acknowledgment process was nearing its conclusion, and Eun Han-Seol was now the true owner of these demonic weapons.

When Eun Han-Seol finally opened her eyes, the silvery-white light faded away.

So Geum-Hyang waited for Eun Han-Seol to regain her composure, then said, “I shall return to the Silent Night now.” welcomes you.


“The Grand Council will be held soon.”

“……” Eun Han-Seol’s expression hardened. She knew the significance of the Grand Council. It was only summoned for major decisions concerning the Silent Night.

So Geum-Hyang’s eyes sparkled with an unusual fervor. “It was always just a matter of time before we invaded the Central Plains. The question is: when and how. It may take two or three months before we reach a decision. Until then, you are free to do as you please. Enjoy this time, for personal moments will be scarce afterward.”


“This is my first and final act of kindness toward you as your Master. Do not decline.”

“I understand.” Eun Han-Seol bowed.

So Geum-Hyang observed her in silence for a moment. Just as time seemed to have frozen for her, so had it for Eun Han-Seol. Perhaps she would remain unchanged, no matter how many years passed.


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“Answer me truthfully. Do you resent me?”

“How could a disciple…”

“It’s alright, I felt the same way at first. When your emotions start to wane, you begin to question your humanity.”

Eun Han-Seol bit her lip. So Geum-Hyang’s remark was spot-on.

“…But never doubt yourself. Just because you can’t feel emotions doesn’t mean you aren’t human.”

“I understand, Master.”

“Well, you’re a clever girl. You’ll do just fine.” So Geum-Hyang patted Eun Han-Seol on the shoulder, then left the pavilion.

Eun Han-Seol’s gaze shifted to the lake shimmering in the light, her eyes devoid of any luster.


Jin Mu-Won took off his clothes, revealing a body marred by scars. In spite of his short time in the Central Plains, he had already suffered wounds here that ranged from the minor to the life-threatening.

He ran his fingers over them before putting on a new martial arts outfit to replace the old one that was torn beyond repair. The maroon color, symbolizing the Northern Army, remained the same, and it closely resembled the martial arts outfit Hwang Cheol had given him.

He then picked up a reddish-brown overcoat that looked ordinary on the outside, but was actually crafted from treated crocodile and grizzly bear skins, making it resistant to wind, water, and fire, and had many inside pockets that allowed him to easily carry the essentials for several days of travel. welcomes you.

Both robes were gifts from the Tang Clan, personally commissioned by Tang Kwan-Ho as thanks for saving Tang Gi-Mun and Tang Mi-Ryeo.

He tucked a few everyday items into the inner pockets of the coat and secured Snow Flower to his waist. Despite the many objects, the coat remained sleek and inconspicuous.

Fully prepared, Jin Mu-Won ventured outside, where Ha Jin-Wol, Tang Gi-Mun, and Tang Mi-Ryeo were waiting for him. Ha Jin-Wol and Tang Gi-Mun had originally agreed to accompany him, but Tang Mi-Ryeo’s presence came as a surprise. Tang Kwan-Ho had originally wanted her to stay in the Tang Clan, but Tang Mi-Ryeo insisted on following her mentor and uncle, Tang Gi-Mun, and her determination won out in the end.

Approaching with a smile, Tang Gi-Mun asked, “Are you ready to go?”

“It may not look like it, but I already brought everything I own.”

“I see you’ve taken a liking to the gift.”

“I’m not sure I deserve something so valuable.”

“Haha, don’t worry about it. Even though the clothes are expensive, what is money compared to the lives of Tang Clan members?”

“Indeed, they fit you like a glove, Master Jin,” Tang Mi-Ryeo chimed in, blushing slightly.

Jin Mu-Won couldn’t help but notice her lingering gaze. He understood her feelings, but despite her beauty and wisdom, there was no room for her in his heart.

It was already occupied by a memory that time could never erase.

Jin Mu-Won’s gaze shifted northward.

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