Azure Dragon Academy


Baek Su-Ryong:

  • Martial Arts: Heaven Defying Divine Art, Eighteen Strikes of the Viridian Forest, Unparalleled Sword, Asura Dark Heaven Blade, New Moon’s White Ice Dance, White Ice Divine Art
  • Age: 27
  • The protagonist and a reincarnated Blood Cult martial arts instructor (Name: Number 27). In his past life, he learned the world’s greatest martial arts from the Sword Saint Mo-Yong Hon, the Bandit King Maeng Ho-Ak, the Ice Moon Goddess Eun Ye-Rin, the Crazy Demon Hyon-Won Hu, and the Blood Demon. In this life, he has enrolled as a newbie instructor at the Azure Dragon Academy with the dream of becoming the Star Instructor.

Nam-Goong Su:

  • Title: Three Absolutes Sword
  • Martial Arts: Lightning Sword
  • The current Star Instructor of the Azure Dragon Academy. Baek Su-Ryong’s worst rival, best friend, and fellow sufferer of severe workaholism. Has an overly serious and judgmental but extremely caring and attentive personality, which is usually overshadowed by his sharp, sarcastic tongue.

Mae Geuk-Lyom:

  • Title: Sword Addict
  • The Headmaster of the Azure Dragon Academy and Baek Su-Ryong’s maternal grandfather. Loves his daughter and loathes her husband. Appears to be a very strict and stubborn old man on the surface, but…

Ak Yeon-Ho:

  • Age: 25
  • Newbie spear instructor at the Azure Dragon Academy who joined together with Baek Su-Ryong. A happy-go-lucky son of the prestigious Shandong Ak Clan, or so it seems.

Noh Gun-Sang:

  • Title: Thousand-Armed Bodhisattva
  • Principal of the Azure Dragon Academy. A jaded old man who has lost all hope in reviving the academy, until a very chaotic teacher shows up and declares he will make the impossible happen.

Kwak Du-Yong:

  • Newbie instructor at the Azure Dragon Academy who joined together with Baek Su-Ryong. A graduate and former elite of the Vermillion Phoenix Academy, though a certain tragedy that happened during his student days resulted in severe PTSD that affects him to this very day and made him grow fat.

Myeong Il-Oh:

  • Age: 26
  • Newbie staff instructor at the Azure Dragon Academy who joined together with Baek Su-Ryong. A genuinely friendly, sociable dude from the Shandong Myeong Family Manor who gets along with everyone.

Kwak Cheol-Woo:

  • Title: Blazing Blade
  • Vice-Principal of the Azure Dragon Academy. Fantastic at administrative work, but otherwise a fairly submissive personality. Kwak Du-Yong’s uncle.


Hyon-Won Kang:

  • Nickname: Wonkang
  • Martial Arts: Hyon-Won Clan Blade Arts
  • Current Number 1 Delinquent of the Azure Dragon Academy. A martial arts genius with the natural instincts of a beast, but seems to have only learned a degraded version of the Hyon-Won Clan’s Blade Arts?

Dok-Go Jun:

  • Title: Sword Dragon
  • Martial Arts: Nine Swords of Dokgo
  • Student Council President of the Azure Dragon Academy. An intelligent, determined, hard-working boy who will do anything to remain top student of the Azure Dragon Academy. Starts out as a very upright kid…until he meets Master Baek. His sword technique is a classic wuxia technique that the protagonist of Jin Yong’s “The Proud, Smiling Wanderer”, Linghu Chong learned from Dugu Qiubai (whose name means “Please defeat this lonely, undefeated me”). The original translation of his technique is the “Nine Swords of Dugu”, but Dugu is read as Dokgo in Korean.

Tang So-So:

  • Title: Cold-Blooded Poisoner
  • Vice-President of the Student Council. Falls in love with Baek Su-Ryong at first sight. The most intelligent, cunning strategist among the Azure Dragon Academy students by far.

Nanchang City

Cheong Cheon:

  • Title: Judge of Hell
  • Martial Arts: Blood Rain Demonic Art
  • Head Constable of Nanchang City. An impartial government official who fights against corruption and injustice, just like his namesake. Baek Su-Ryong’s good friend and occasional teaching assistant.

Bok Man-Chun:

  • Former bodyguard of the late loan shark Old Man Heo, now the administrator in charge of managing Baek Su-Ryong’s businesses and odd errands.

Go Ju-Yeol:

  • Title: Flying Eagle
  • Branch Head of the Jiangxi Branch Murim Alliance and a good friend to Baek Su-Ryong’s father, Baek Mu-Heun.

Four Supreme Masters (50 years ago)

Maeng Ho-Ak:

  • Title: Bandit King
  • Martial Arts: Eighteen Strikes of the Viridian Forest
  • The Bandit King of the Viridian Forest (think Robin Hood and his Merry Men). A giant of a man who unified the 72 Bandit Strongholds into the largest Viridian Forest Bandit Union in history, and dreams of making the Viridian Forest acknowledged as a sect specializing in outer arts. He offered Number 27 (Baek Su-Ryong) a new home in the Viridian Forest when they escaped.

Hyon-Won Hu:

  • Title: Crazy Demon
  • Martial Arts: Asura Dark Heaven Blade, Hyon-Won Clan Heaven Shattering Blade
  • Once a famed hero and genius of the Hyon-Won Clan, he got himself into trouble by accidentally killing some of his opponents during his Hundred Duels Trial to perfect his unique martial art, the Asura Dark Heaven Blade. Later on, he was framed for the genocide of his own clan by the Blood Cult and had his title changed from the Heaven Shattering Blade to the Crazy Demon.

Mo-Yong Hon:

  • Title: Sword Saint
  • Martial Arts: Unparalleled Sword
  • The greatest swordmaster of the Mo-Yong Clan who left the clan after his only son was bullied and ostracized by his relatives. He wished to live in peace with his son, however, his son was kidnapped by the Blood Cult and used as a hostage to lure him into giving himself in. Probably the strongest member of the Four Supreme Masters.

Eun Ye-Rin:

  • Title: Ice Moon Goddess
  • Martial Arts: New Moon’s White Ice Dance, White Ice Divine Art
  • The runaway former successor of the North Sea Ice Palace who fell in love with a book store owner in the Central Plains. The Blood Cult made use of her relationship to capture and restrain her. Until her last breath, she dreamed of escaping from the prisons and finally marrying her lover.


Baek Mu-Heun:

  • Title: Handsome Prince
  • Martial Arts: Revolving Tempest Sword
  • Our protagonist’s dad. Loves his son to death and would do anything for him. Thirty years ago, when he was a student at the Azure Dragon Academy, he fell in love with Headmaster Mae Geuk-Lyom’s terminally ill daughter Mae Yak-Bing. Due to Mae Geuk-Lyom’s objection to the worst delinquent in academy history getting hitched with his daughter, however, he was forced to elope with her. In the following years, his guilt at his helplessness would pile up as his wife passed away after giving birth, and his son inherited his wife’s illness. After losing to his son in a duel though, he finally lets go of his past and moves on…though the father-in-law problem is yet to be resolved.

Blood Cult

Blood Demon:

  • The Cult Leader of the Blood Cult and the Strongest Under Heaven. The best martial artist and sorcerer in the world. Committed suicide 50 years ago, but it is suspected that he reincarnated…

Demon Strategist:

  • The strategist of the Blood Cult and a high-level sorcerer. He might or might not still be alive…

Four Kids:

  • Number 27’s (Baek Su-Ryong’s) best students who learned the Four Masters’ martial arts and were then turned into emotionless killing machines.